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About us

We were so normal family, whose have one small dog... Poodle Budy was eating five-times per day, sleeping in the bed and when he want to go out, he have to only bark.
In his 17 years our Budy died and we understood that we had to have another dog..
Our choice got Labrador, race for childrens and primarily for family. First kennel which we found was " z Ročkova" of breeder Eva Polesná. Bibi was there for us. She was coming to say: Hey I´m here for you.. We got home small black pupy named Bibi z Ročkova.

It was our breeding start. With Bibi we have done obedience, agility, shows, flyball and in 2005 springed up our kennel Od Svaté Lucie in order to plan our first litter of Labradors.

In 2007 we imported beautiful bitch of Chesapeake Bay retriever call Chesie. Her right name is Cheslabben High Fashion
. We want to do Obedience and Agility with her. And we will see what alse...

In September 2008 came third member of our family. Small romp, bitch of Border terier Adélka Uli z Říčan
 alias Meggie. This small girl change our "retriever" life...

We aren´t a kennel for making plenty of litters. We want to our litters will be healthly, great character. We want to breed, not reproduce.

We love our dogs, same like they love us..