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Our another results..


Open Championship of BCCCZ in flyball - 8.8.10 - Brno
Team: Adrenalin Flyers: Echo (BRT), Meggie (BRT), Getyka (FOX), Sindy (NO), Arty, Rori (BOC)

3rd division

4. place in Round Robin
3. place in Double Elimination


EO in flyball 4.-6.7.08 - Krásná louka - MB


Team: Adrenalin Flyers (Arčík (BOC), Lusy(LR), Gety(FOX), Cody(BOC), Amy(WET), Sindy(NO))
1. místo v VI. divizi , čas - 21,20 s!!! - European Champions:)

Lucie Nováková - gunner + teamleader


National Championship in flyball 9.9.07 - Krásná louka - MB


Team: Adrenalin Flyers (Arčík, Lusy, Gety, Jimm, Amy, Lucka)
5. place in II. division, time - 24,03 s!!!


CK SCHDM 2007 - Kroměříž


Lucie Nováková - II. category - specialization Cynology - 1.place 146 points (from 150 points)


Unoficial ZOP - MB - 12.11.06

We are so looking forward to this exams. Exellent - 94 points (from 100 points)

Mladá Boleslav - Junior Handling 10.9.2006
3.place in III. category



9.-13.8.06 National junior competition


- II. category - specialization Cynology


Competitors have to write special work from each year, from their own experience. This write work can get 50 points. Second part of the competition is the test from 25 questions. Third part is cognition of the dog rase. And fourth is defence of the write work.
I was on this competition three times.At first (on 2004) I was on 4. place, in 2005 I was on 3. place and in 2006 a won this competition.

On photo I got the plate from the President of competition.